Next Level: Buhari will transform Nigeria in the next 4 years, says Talban Mangu


By: Victor John: Public Affairs Commentator

Chief Samuel Pukat, a community leader, philanthropist and care-giver to the downtrodden, is no doubt an urbane man of all seasons. He  elicits a great measure of native intelligence, balanced cognition in his relational rapport under GROUP DYNAMICS.

A business Mogul and good-hearted considerate personality, his daily thoughts about his fellow human beings are premised on how best to contribute to the wellbeing of all and sundry.

A committed and dedicated member of the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS {APC} in Plateau State, Chief Samuel Pukat, who holds traditional title  of TALBAN MANGU, in the Central Senatorial District, of Plateau State, North-Central, Nigeria, has a strong feeling that the President Muhammadu Buhari APC-led Federal Administration , will rebuild Nigeria within the next four years of SOLID DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION, which he described as the core of political governance by all elected representatives.

He spoke at PRESS Conference in Jos, the Plateau State Capital today against the backdrop of myriad of criticisms by members of the opposition parties, who are making Value-Judgments about the instinctual capacities of the APC Federal Administration to face up to the primary challenges of governance.

He explained that the challenges before elected representatives at all tiers of governance are all about return on electoral investments. He  stressed that the Plateau State Governor Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong, like his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, share similar worldviews on the TRI-CONCEPT OF DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION, ECONOMIC GROWTH & WELLFARE OF THE CITIZENRY.

He Explained that as the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS party led Federal & State Administrations, face up to the primary institutional tasks of political, economic, social, developmental, educational, agricultural and medical  re-engineering at the Federal and State levels of governance, Nigerians, should look forward to very robust dividends of democracy.

Calling on all members of the opposition to join hands with the APC led governments at the three –tiers of government, CHIEF Samuel Pukat, argued that , it is natural for most politicians to nurse some measure of grievances arising from the outcome of most electoral contests, by using presumptive parameters in building their individual and collective impression-formation concepts as those who could have won at such secondary electoral contests. He said the reality Of Life Is Not Always Tailored Along Such Human Thought-Processes, adding That Political Power Comes From GOD-ALMIGHTY, Who Alone Gives Power To Whoever HE deems Fit.

These brand of emotional thoughts, Chief Samuel Pukat, says, had tended to slow down the workings of democratic ideals and functionality, directly or indirectly stalling the political wheel of progress by elected representatives.

He has therefore appealed to all Nigerians, particularly, members of the political and elite class to come forward with sincere, genuine and faithful suggestions as well as positive contributions that will help the ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS party led Federal and State Governments to re-define the Sociology of a new Nigeria, where peaceful co-existence, peace, security, even development, stable economic growth and value-added investment profiles will be enjoyed by all classes of Nigerians.

According to Chief Samuel Pukat, “His Excellency,  Muhammadu Buhari,  President , Commander –In- Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has the Competences, Professional, Emotional & Social Intelligence Infrastructure to re-define the Political, Economic and Social Challenges of Development Administration that will move Nigeria forward, given our diverse natural and allied endowments”.

While congratulating President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Simon Bako Lalong and other APC Governors for their well deserved second term mandate in office, Chief Samuel Pukat, appealed to them to always exercise huge discretional capacities in attending to issues, values and norms of state policy, in providing credible returns to the electorate , who are always very anxious on the quality and brand of dividends of democracy they receive as returns on electoral re-investments.