APC should learn from PDP’s mistakes - Hon. Emmanuel Danboyi Jugul

Hon. Emmanuel Jugul Danboyi is a journalist by profession but a practicing politician. He was once a member of the Plateau House of Assembly under the banner of the PDP. Things turned sour and he decamped to the ruling APC. Only recently, Governor Simon Bako Lalong appointed him together with 16 others as Transition Management Committee chairmen of the 17 local government councils in the state. You will find excerpts of the interview revealing.
How do you see your emergence on July 25, 2017, as the new management committee chairman of Riyom LGC?
Hon. Danboyi: I see my emergence as the new management committee chairman of Riyom Local Government Council, as a divine intervention. I believe it is the Lord's doing. I have served my local government in different capacities, and this time around, I believe the Lord wants me to come closer to the people since I've know their problems, and to see how I can bring them together irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and political affiliations.
I believe that is why the Lord gave me this opportunity to serve my people as their servant leader, and the Management Committee Chairman of Riyom LGC. Moreover, my coming is not to do anything more than to correct certain abnormities within the system.
Having gained experienced in the past and as a God fearing politician and man of the people with a lot of experience in life, I've come to make some corrections which, by the special grace of God, after my tenure the people of Riyom LG will wish Emmanuel Danboyi Jugul should have remained in office.
What was your motivation seeking the Lord's blessings first, before embarking on official work. What prompted you in initiating such for your council?
Let me start from the state level, with the coming-in of Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong on board as Governor of Plateau State, I viewed it as God's intervention.
The manner and reason Lalong appointed me as Management Committee Chairman of Riyom LGC is God's intervention and handiwork. Since God has made it possible for us to work for our people, I've decided to first of all seek for the face of Lord to guide us before commencing in doing anything. I want to assure you that if we believe and trust in the Lord, surely, he'll never let us down and I believe things are going to be ok for us.
Has the APC administration met up with the people's expectation? How do you intend to champion the cause of APC in your locality to be acceptable without resorting to other parties?
APC is a new party that just came on board about 3 years ago, and its waxing strong and people are decamping from the opposition party to join the ranks of APC.
My predecessor has done his best, he has tried a lot, and I'll continue from where he stopped. I intend to operate in line with the 5 point policy trust of this present administration, which are working out well for the people of Plateau State
.Fulani herdsmen in your locality say they are left behind without them contributing their quota in running the affairs of governance in Riyom LGC. The one million naira question they kept asking is, Lalong is running government of inclusiveness. How do you intend to champion their cause in the locality?
The only thing I can advise the Fulani herdsmen is; if they want us to be our brothers' keepers and want us to work together they should think twice, and put their interest in the local government first.
Tell me, how will you like the local government when you don't have the interest of the local government? Let them put the interest of the local government first before engaging them in running the affairs of the locality. The people of Riyom don't have anything against the Fulani herdsmen, we are all one.
Now that peace has been restored in the local government, I want to see a situation whereby in the future the local government will have some Fulani who will protect the interest of the locality and while non indigenes will also be appointed in the various positions.
Therefore, I am appealing to our Fulani brothers to let by gone be by gone. Peace has finally returned to Riyom LGA. We must join hands and work as brothers and sisters for the development of our local government. If indeed you love the local government you have to maintain peace and order
.As an old member of PDP, and now in the APC, where do you and your party, APC place PDP?
Well, I've served in the PDP in the past and now I am the in APC. I think the APC has placed PDP in a position whereby somebody have been tried and people have seen its downfall, and therefore, the APC must learn from the past mistakes of PDP to make corrections and to ensure that it does not go the way PDP went. I'm sure PDP as an opposition now; they're also watching what APC is doing so that they'll now know their lapses too. And that is how politics is all about.
What are your words of encouragement to the Executive Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong and your council members?
I will encourage my governor to do more as he has already done, especially in the area of maintaining peace in the state. Lalong has done wonderfully well. He has done something that no governor has ever done in this country, i.e. by introducing grassroots democracy. I think Lalong has a vision and God is protecting and guiding him in order to achieve his aim with the cooperation of the people of the state, and upon it all, God has given him wisdom.
I will continue to pray God to allow Lalong to rule not only as Governor, but even as president of this country one day, if he keeps on with the way he's running the affairs of governance in the state.
How do you intend to carry along your part time councilor in running the affairs of Riyom LG?
To my council members, if you want to work as a team you have to agree on certain things. You need to have the vision then you'll work as a team.
I've been talking to my councilors that the most important thing is, the government has appointed them in order to champion the party's cause at the grassroots, and to also know the real problems of their people, and if we've been able to know their problems we'll sit down together and discuss on how we'll solve the problem.
 So, I'm soliciting for their cooperation so that we can work as brothers and sisters without any problem so that we'll not let our governor down through the mandate that has entrusted in us.
I don't see them as councilors only, I too see myself as one of the councilors too because all of us are the same but God has just given me the privilege to steer the affairs of the local government council as their leader.
Recently, the Plateau State governor signed PLASIEC Bill into law, signifying the readiness of the local government election in the state. Supposing the whistle is finally blown and Hon. Emmanuel Danboyi fails to deliver APC in Riyom LGC, won't you see that as a big minus to you?
I want to assure you that Honourable Emmanuel Danboyi has no any magic to deliver all to APC in Riyom Local Government. It is the will of God, and the will of people. Honourable Emmanuel Danboyi will try in his own way to sensitize the people to understand the need to support and vote our party, APC. And if I've been able to succeed, definitely we'll have no problem.
In a situation whereby I don't do my job very well we'll fail definitely. As a person I will not be happy. But I want to ensure that I deliver Riyom Local Government to APC whenever the whistle is blown. By the special grace of God, I'm going to do my best by sensitizing my people. I've done it before and they've seen it, unless if something is wrong somewhere. But from the way I've been moving with my people in Riyom nothing will stop me from delivering the local government to APC, through the will of Almighty God.