Press Release: Plateau PDP State Campaign Council Media & Publicity Committee

Plateau PDP State Campaign Council Media and Publicity Committee

                  Press Release 


The Plateau atmosphere is tense. 

Ordinarily, there should be an air of excitement and expectation since a contest is at hand. 

But anxiety rules instead.

That is chiefly because the governing APC is determined to undermine the free choice of the people and so forcefully rule over them a second time.

 To achieve this, every institutional action has been, and is being taken to immobilise, demoralise, demobilise and shake the senses out of the Opposition, especially the PDP in the Saturday March 9 governorship and House of Assembly election.

The deployment of electoral staff, threats to government workers, forceful recruitment of traditional rulers to promote artisan interests,  posting of three commissioners of police and deployment of several squadrons of mobile police as well as stories of hooded soldiers randomly beating up and arresting youth in different parts of the State capital are indicators that this election will be between the APC and the good people of Plateau. 

The aim of the whole game has been to create fear - fear that drives people away from defending a good cause.  To restore Plateau is a very good cause. 

We now have the presence of the military and police on the Plateau in numbers not seen even when hundreds were killed in their villages in the past three years. 

But now they are here – they say to keep law and order. But the people of Plateau know whom they are up against.

We are up against a formidable force that is meant to keep the people in captivity and strip them of their dignity.

We are up against a team that wants to keep our people permanently in Internally Displaced Peoples camps - away from their ancestral land...hungry, begging and wasting in the city.

The essence of the whole game is to instil fear and make us concede defeat or contemplate a surrender. 

But let’s face it: There is no free freedom anywhere. 

We must therefore face our future with solid calmness and unshakeable determination. We must conquer fear and come out and vote. 

We must come out and take back our state. 

Or stay back and remain slaves on this fine God-given land called Plateau. 

The destiny of a whole people is at stake in this election. 

Yiljap Abraham,
Media and Publicity Committee