Why Nasarawa people should vote Engr AA Sule as governor

Engr. Sule will bring forth, youth friendly policies that will engage and provide employment for the teeming youth of Nasarawa State through harnessing our human, natural (particularly agricultural) resources available in Nasarawa. State.

Industrialization of the state will be among his administration’s cardinal principles, which in turn will encourages agricultural production. Agricultural production will bring about jobs to farmers and transporters of needed agricultural products to the industrial hub. Companies and businesses will surely come and be part of Nasarawa States because a flourishing economy is that which industrialization exists.

The Engr. Sule administration intends to take advantage of the visible and commendable work started on the land reforms by the Al-Makura administration, cashing in to create affordable housing for all within the lush Abuja corridor. This vision is one that has a win-win situation for the state and its people, win-win in sense that it will generate revenue for the state and provide shelter for those citizens who are in need. 

The Internally Generated Revenue of the State will also increase through taxes especially PAYE, which would be efficiently channeled into education, healthcare and infrastructure, road maintenance and urban renewal projects. 

Engr. Sule intends to continue to run an all-inclusive government where everyone is treated with the same dignity and respect no matter the status of the person. The kind of inclusiveness that provides space for women and youths to be part of government and its processes. 

His government also intends to give high level of responsibilities to minorities in the running of the state.

Of all these, the most important would be the provision of peace and security by ensuring that all communities, religions and tribes  get the freedom to move forward with day to day activities without fear of any treat to their lives and properties. 

This will be done through the enhancement of security operatives and sustenance of the community based conflict  resolution mechanisms which is yielding positive result in the state. Nasarawa State is one of the most peaceful states in the country amidst regional security threat of the Farmer-Herders clashes.

Engr. A A Sule has made it very clear that Nasarawa State is our only home and with him at the helm, together we shall take it to its peak.  This statement is a work in progress judging by his antecedents of how he rescued the AP Company from total collapse and how he has been efficiently managing two big sectors (Sugar and Oil & Gas) of the Dangote conglomerate. 

He has equally stated his desire to execute the master plan started by the Architect of Modern Nasarawa, thus, making him the Engineer of Nasarawa. Al-Makura has made the design of modern Nasarawa, while A.A Sule is desirable of engineering the ship of Nasarawa State.

The peace of mind that with comes from the continuation of the APC people-oriented ideology is that the government will continue  working for the greater majority and the good of all. 

Vote  A.A. Sule for Governor, Nasarawa State come March, 9th 2019