Jungle justice on Nigerian women, NGO raises alarm

A Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Jecco Obi Foundation has raised an alarm over increased level of jungle justice meted on women, especially in Kano and other parts of the country, cautioned that if serious action not taking on time such injustice on women would worsen the situation.      

Chairman of the NGO Engr. (Dr) Jude Obichere stated this while briefing journalists during a sensitization workshop, held recently in Kano.

While condemning this barbaric act and alleged involvement and luring some of this women into secret cult activities,  lesbianism and other ungodly act, saying dehumanizing them would only cause more harm.                  

It would be recalled that a lady Justina Ogbu, born in Kano had faced series of such maltreatment over her alleged involvement in lesbianism and her refusal to play along with her late father's secret cult group. 

The reported ordeal of the single parent, Justina include the alleged killing of her children, mother as a result of her refusal to join the group, despite her forcefully initiation into the   the group by her father. It is also reported that Justina has been into such dirty activities since in her days in secondary school, in Minna, Niger State, in 1982, when she was caught red handed with her female partner at the age of 16. 

This resulted to the extent that her late father tortured her to a point of  infecting injury to her private part.

It is said that she had fled to an unknown destination for fear of being killed by the said 'cult group', whom threatened to expose her of lesbianism, which is widely seen as an abomination to the society.
Which led the delegation from Jecco Obi Foundation to visit Kano on a sensitization programme on the consequences of jungle justice on women practising such act.    

It is also feared that the national network of the said dreaded secret cult group will not stop to track the lady on the run to eliminate her.

It is said that Justina Ogbu had fled, for fear that if caught she would be handed over to the law of the land, which is the Sharia Law, and the penalty is death.