Alleged Homosexuality: Two persons caught in the act, in Edo State

Alleged Homosexuality: Two persons caught in the act, in Edo State

Recently, two suspected persons narrowly escaped death by passersby in Egor Community of Edo State, by some angry youths from the community.

The partners were allegedly caught in the premises of a primary school, around 7:00pm, precisely on Saturday, 17th of March, 2018. The alarm was reportedly raised by a passers-by who attracted the youths in the area where they decended on them almost to a point of death because such practice is considered as taboo in the community.

But due to the intervention of the security personnel, the two partners were rescued. 
According to report, the names of the suspected gay were given as; Jegede Oyanusu and Ikoko Edward.

It would be recalled that sometime in April, 2016, a similar incident took place in Irrua community in Edo State where a suspeced gay couple were caught by the youths of that community. It was reported that they were kissing and caressing each other in a hidden corner close to a restaurant and when they were spotted by passersby, they were confronted and beaten up. One of them named Kennedy Kwaku confessed that he is from Iguododo Community in Edo State, and which he later kicked the bucket. And while his partner whose name was given as Michael Okoruele, from Irrua community, according to reports, escaped of being linched.

Michael Okoruele later re-surfaced in Lagos around July 2016, when he was caught on the same act, with one Shola and still escaped to another country for his dear life.

The irate youths in his village Irrua, Edo State, were said to have burnt down their house, which led him to flee, for the fear of unknown, leaving behind his parents and relatives. 
He has since been declared wanted by the police, and while the Irrua Town General Union, had since ostracized him for his alleged involvement in homosexuality, and the community has reportedly vowed to kill him anywhere he is seen in the country in line with their custom and tradition.